Now people have a wider selection of lamps than ever before. The number of people buying LED Candle Light is increasing, because they have greater advantages than traditional lamps.

First, the lifetime of led candle light is longer than an ordinary lamp. The lifetime of common lamp is about 10,000 hours, but LED Candle Light can reach up to 30,000 to 40,000 hours.

Secondly, LED Candle Light is more flexible. Consumers can adjust the brightness of the lamps. But ordinary lamps do not have this function.

Thirdly, use led candle light is more environmental, because the internal of ordinary lamp contains lead, but LED Candle Light does not have such substances. So it is very good for environment.

Finally, the starting time of led candle light is faster than ordinary lamps. There is a delay for ordinary lamp. For LED Candle Light, this case will not happen.