18W traditional fluorescent lamp’s (Magnetic Ballast)  actual power consumption is about 26W;36W traditional fluorescent lamp’s (Magnetic Ballast)  actual power consumption is about 45W. And 15W LED fluorescent lamp have been brighter than conventional 40W fluorescent lamp; 18W LED fluorescentlamp have been brighter than traditional64W fluorescent lamp. LED fluorescent lamp is especially softer and the supply voltage is AC85V-260V(AC) without starter and ballast, quick start, low power, no flicker, not fatigue. It is not only super energy-saving, but also is environmentally friendly. It is one of the developing products on which national green energy-efficient lighting project focuses. It consumes low power, which is an important product to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp and saves 60-80% energy compared with traditional fluorescent tubes.

The Advantages of LED Fluorescent

  1. Environmental lighting, Earth protection
  2. Efficient conversion,reducing fever
  3. Clean and comfortable, no noise
  4. Sofet light, eye protection
  5. No UV, no mosquitoes
  6. Voltage adjustable 80V-245V
  7. Energy savings and longer life
  8. Robust, secure, long-term use
  9. Compared with ordinary fluorescent lamp, LED fluorescent lamp without ballast without starter, no flicker
  10. Maintenance-free, frequent switch causing no damage
  11. Safe and stable quality, withstanding 4kv high voltage, low heat dissipation, working between low temperatures of -30℃ and high temperature of 50℃
  12. No impact on the surrounding environment, no ultraviolet and infrared, no hazardous materials, such as mercury, eye protection, no noise
  13. Good resistance to vibration, easy to transport