Though incandescent, fluorescent and energy-saving light bulbs are typically our main sources of light, candlelight is always pleasing. The warm glow of burning candles creates an inviting atmosphere that can’t be replicated with standard lighting. Light Emitting Diode (LED) candles are so close to real candles that you might not notice the difference, except for the advantages.

A melting candle can create a mess when it softens enough to allow hot liquid wax to spill. Undoubtedly, many people have ruined the finish on a favorite table or dresser just this way. Dripless candles can help, but melted wax can nearly drown the wick, keeping the flame small. Some candles release black smoke that can stain walls or ceilings, and all require vigilance to avoid a fire hazard.

LED candles are accent lamps designed to look like real burning candles, without the hassles or potential dangers of candles. Though there are several models, the “wick” of an LED candle is typically recessed inside the candle body, as if the candle has partially burned. This hides the LED itself from view, while the top portion of the candle glows, giving the appearance of translucent wax. LED candles flicker to simulate a real flame, delivering all of the advantages of real candles.

LED candles are ideal for adding atmosphere to parties by placing them on shelves, mantles, and countertops. LED candles can be used outdoors at the patio barbecue or late night pool party, and unlike real candles LED candles are resistant to wind and rain. Place one on the dinner table, add ambiance to the bedroom, or decorate the bathroom using one. LED candles are also perfect for the children, providing soft, warm night lights for the little ones, or nice accent lamps for teens without danger or worry.

LED candles make nice gifts and can be purchased alone or in sets depending on the model. Some LED candles are rechargeable while others use standard batteries. Available online and at many local home improvement stores, these accent lights are just the thing for people who love to burn candles and would like to try something new.