High lumen output and lower light decay,No UV and thermal radiation cold light source.

1. 9-90W LED Panel lights. Ultra-thin design, High brightness, energy saving, enviornment protection and lifespan can be above 50,000 hours.

2. Adopt  high quality light guide plate, light transmission rate at 95% and uniformity ratio ofilluminance is at 90%,Soft,comfortable and bright light alleviate eye fatigue.

3. Wide working voltage AC100-240V,latest high constant current drive.

4. Unique electronic design principles. If one led fail, the remaining LEDs will still work.

5. Reasonable scientific light distribution design, quick start, uniform Luminous, no shadow, no flickering, no harm to eyes, no noise.

6. No electromagnetic interference, No UV, no heat radiation, No heavy metal elements suchas Mercury,  lead-free, green environmental protection, in accordance with the CE&RoHS requirements.

7. Elegant appearance, application for home, office, show room, school, hotel.

8. Available sizes: